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Being patient allowed me to make a more rational and mindful choice about how to react. When you are overcome with emotion, you are not going to make very What is Abstraction in OOPs? Java Abstract Class & Method good choices. Your brain can’t think straight – all it sees is the emotion that you are feeling which is temporarily over-riding your rational thinking.

  • Here’s the thing– I knew they were not going to happen overnight.
  • The most basic reason for impatience is a lack of control.
  • There is more in life that we are powerless over than what we actually can control, but what we do control is our own self, our thoughts and our actions.
  • When you practice patience, you’ll reap plenty of benefits.

It can slow you down and prevent hasty, selfish decisions. Patience helps in developing the crucial relationship skill of empathy — the ability to understand life from the perspective of another. When you are impatient, you are focused inward, on you, on what you are not receiving. On the other hand, when you are patient, you are focused outward, able to think and choose care and compassion for the other person.

The Power of Patience

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importance of patience

Patience and calm can help bring about an unshakable confidence in your mission, instead of a palpable air of desperation. Your target audience needs to feel confident in your brand before they choose to work with you, so build that credibility by focusing on patience and positivity. There are many reasons to work on your patience as an entrepreneur that will offer a positive return on investment. Here are some helpful tips for developing this virtue.

Patience Helps You Keep Your Sanity

I do all the essential stuff required to generate a sale from greeting to introduction to pitching the product and building the relation. I never hurry and I patiently listen to my prospects to get a deep understanding of their needs. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, however I am no holy book writer; just an ordinary person. They are just heartfelt words that I hope make a difference in the lives of others. It took a LOT to control myself, because the whole day had been a series of small mishaps, and to me, that was just the icing on the cake. This article — and everything on this site — is funded by readers like you.

When you’re impatient, it’s hard to enjoy the process of life because you are always thinking ahead and wishing that things would happen faster than they do naturally. Being patient, though, lets you live in the moment without trying to speed through it, and that gives you a sense of peace and happiness. The skill of patience can be hard to master but developing that skill overtime can really help you out in your life. Here are the reasons why patience is so important. A powerful benefit to practicing patience is that you cultivate the peace of mind to guide yourself out of these moments.

But be kind to yourself so as not to become impatient in developing the skill of patience. Before looking at how to develop more patience, it is best to define what we are actually talking about. Patience (or the lack thereof — impatience) occurs in response to some sort of difficulty or delay in life that is not going according to expectation. Or you can choose to avoid hasty decisions and take actions with long-term benefits. It may require more hard work, but patience pays off, even if it feels difficult in the moment. When you practice patience, you’ll reap plenty of benefits.

importance of patience

Patience is an expression of this awareness and of love. What most people don’t realize is that at the moment they are about to succeed, they pull back. They begin to fear, and that’s when they genuinely fail. Those who expect results immediately are unlikely to enjoy the sweet taste of success.

You still have to step up, take the swing, and have the patience to keep swinging. That’s another benefit to being patient – when you are willing to put in the swings time and time again, that’s what builds your skill set. How to Start Learning Computer Programming with Pictures This is not earth-shattering.” There are many benefits of being patient- benefits that I needed to remember right then. Unsurprisingly, in Schnitker’s study, this type of courageous patience was linked to more hope.

Patience Allows You To Take Life As It Comes

Jesus had no sin yet people still hated Him to the point of crucifixion. He bore all our pain, shame, and sin, and when He rose again, He defeated Internet of Things sin and death. Through Him, we have the assurance of eternal life. There is something amazing about being still in the midst of storms.

Right into Mom who spills water all over your head and on the floor. When you are impatient, you stress more about things. Stress has been linked to things such as heart disease, as well as things like ulcers and high blood pressure, and stomach issues.

When I started blogging, however, I realized that I would get better with time. I knew that it was going to be full of skills that I would learn along the way and with practice, I would improve. My first year of blogging may not have been all that impressive with the numbers, but by golly, I would not give anything for the journey and what I learned. We can try to shelter ourselves from frustration and adversity, but they come with the territory of being human. When you want things to happen in your life, you can prolong the process by giving your attention and energy to the frustration you feel about waiting. The things, people, and situations in your life change.

Discover the simplest way to bring into crystal clear focus who you really are at our 7-day meditation and yoga workshop, Seduction of Spirit. Discover how subtle changes can shift your entire perspective on life. Practicing patience shifts your attention away from the stress and frustration.

The Skill of Patience

I’m also struck by the fact that every world religion sees patience as a way to know God. That gives me an incentive to practice it, and perhaps it does for you too. While frustration focuses on externals, patience is a drawing inward towards a greater wisdom. But with patience, you’re able to step back and regroup instead of aggressively reacting or hastily giving up on someone who’s frustrating you. You’re able to invest meaningful time in a relationship without giving up or giving in. In fact, patience gives you the liberating breath you’ve always longed to take.

You find inner peace

But, we can’t actually make it to the destination without the least bit of journeying first. If you’re currently struggling with patience or looking to hone it, here are some powerful insights to help you keep your cool when it almost seems impossible. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement.